Why CO2?

Our climate is changing. The average temperatures of the air and the oceans have increased, polar ice and glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. There have always been changes in climate; what is new is that humans are actively driving this current rapid change. Human action and increasing industrialisation have been shown to be partly responsible for the climatic changes around the world.

Global warming is mainly driven by the so-called greenhouse gases, which are produced in large amounts as a result of our industrialised lifestyle and economy. The amount and concentration of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is usually specified as CO2-equivalent (CO2-eq). This value corresponds to the amount of carbon dioxide or CO2, the most important greenhouse gas, that has the same greenhouse effect as all the greenhouse gases combined. The CO2-eq allows us to express the greenhouse effect of goods, activities, transport, production, lifestyle choices etc. in a single value.

Currently, 5.3 kg is the amount of CO2 each person on this planet may emit on a daily basis by how they live, in order to keep our climate in balance. We convert this amount to 100 points. Every single day, each person has 100 points at their disposal.